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Building Character, Self-Confidence, and Sportsmanship in Tomorrow's Leaders

K25 Sports prides itself on being a place of inclusion and empowerment, regardless of age, ability, or gender. This has been a driving force for President Keon Raymond throughout his career, but has become especially prominent in his post-football endeavours, with the development of a sports organization that eliminates the boundaries between boys and girls in sports. He hopes to “influence the next generation,” as “your current situation does not reflect your future situation,” and believes that we are all just one-step away from making changes that can have tremendous impact on gender equality. Raymond continues to make an effort to eliminate spaces of silence and passivity that allow for discrimination to occur, which was the driving force behind the keynote address he made Friday, August 16, 2019, in partnership with the Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters.


The event was attended by Federal Minister of Women and Gender Equality, Maryam Monsef, who announced $562,000 in Federal funding towards gender-based initiatives. This will be divided amongst four Calgary organizations to help bring men and boys into the conversation regarding gender equality in Canada, and ensure there are safe spaces for women and girls to succeed.


K25 Sports is proud to be a strong supporter of these values, and appreciate the work that is being done to make the first step towards inclusion and equality for all. It is important that we all continue to fight for changes in our day-to-day lives to ensure everyone is given the opportunity to succeed. We can all make the first step in our own lives to ensure that we continue the fight for equality; we’re excited to see the changes ahead!

K25 Sports Team

Keon Raymond Founder/ President

K25 Sports is a youth sports development program outside of school that promotes a wide range of learning and life skill development through sports.  Our programs include K25 Spring Basketball, K25 Summer Flag Football, Big Time 7v7 Football Club and etc, for young athletes in Calgary, Alberta.  

K25 youth sports encourages your child to live a healthy and active lifestyle.  Core values are to build character, self confidence and teaching sportsmanship for tomorrows leader's.

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K25 Sports Team

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