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 What is 7v7 Football ?


 Big Time 7on7 Football is a fast exciting, competitive, non-contact football game that focuses on player safety and elite skill development based out of Calgary, Alberta Canada. 

Our mission is to build the culture of football while promoting the importance to players safety and advance skill development. 7 on 7 is a fast and highly competitive sport where players learn to read and react faster giving them the ability to enhance their personal skill development. Playing 7v7 helps players advance their mental awareness in a competitive atmosphere better preparing them for the tackle football season where focus and cognition is the key to success and safety. 

With 7v7 you can expect big plays and an electric atmosphere.  Players are trained to focus on real time, in game critical thinking situations helping them to adapt better during adverse situations.  In a game where touches matter players touch the ball 3x more than playing tackle football. This means more catches resulting in more touchdowns. Through this process our players learn how to get defensive interceptions in a safe and competitive environment.

We strive to provide a competitive, fun, football experience for  all players who are interested in football, and players looking to take their game to the next level. 

Big Time 7v7 football provides professional coaching, leadership, and a cultured community built around football and its traditions.  Encompassing strength and position coaches as well as academic advisors our program is structured to the likes of many major universities.  Big Time Players is dedicated to providing a first-class experience for families and players, while allowing our athletes to showcase their skills and abilities against top athletes in their sport on an national platform.

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Contact Us

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